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My research brings qualitative and quantitative research on the social dimensions of language into dialogue with the way languages are taught and legislated. At the nexus of sociolinguistics and applied linguistics, I seek to call into question the monolingual and colonial tendencies of prevailing theories of foreign language pedagogy and second language acquisition. The common thread connecting the projects described below is a desire to connect empirical linguistic research with broader humanistic questions concerning language and power. By drawing on the tools of applied linguistics to question how language pedagogy serves to replicate social inequalities, my research empowers language educators and scholars to interrupt ideological discourses which permit language to be used as a proxy for ethnic-, racial-, class- and gender-based bias and discrimination.

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Race, Ethnicity, and the German Language(s) 

Talk Presentation Materials: "Raciolinguistic Ideologies of German-English Multilingualism"

(German Studies Association Annual Conference 2022)

Talk Presentation Materials: "Embodied Voices, Voices Embodied: The Raciolinguistics of Multilingualism"

(Invited Talks for St. Olaf College and Carleton College, January 2023) 

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Gender-neutral & gender-affirming language pedagogy

Talk Presentation Materials: "The Social Semiotics of Gender-Inclusive German"

(German Studies Association Annual Conference 2023)

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Filmic Representations of Multilingualism

Coming Soon

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Historical Sociolinguistics

Coming Soon

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